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About Me

About Me


Welcome to my blog, Cook Therapy! I’m Rachael.

I am a wife to an awesome cyclist husband and mom of two rambunctious young boys. I hold an MA in forensic psychology, but am currently holding the fort down as a stay-at-home mom. We moved from the East coast to the Pacific Northwest just over a year ago and absolutely love it.

I’m also a coffee hobbyist, and I love wine. Lots of wine.

I’m enjoying my journey, most of the time. Some days it’s a win if I sweep the floor and manage to squeak out a meal. Other days I’m the bomb go-getter, and the laundry is washed, dried, folded neatly and put away and I greet my husband with a kiss and a beer as he sits down to a fabulous roast chicken and pie. Not most days.

I started this blog because after having babies, staying home, and moving across the country, I found myself feeling isolated and without an outlet. The one thing I did every day was cook. I’ve always appreciated the therapeutic zone my mind would go to in the kitchen, so I started cooking with more purpose and creativity. It became a form of self-care. To me there’s nothing more cathartic than using my hands and watching myself turn a pile of ingredients into something beautiful and tasty.

I believe in using minimal and local and seasonal ingredients, and I love learning about food. I pride myself on figuring out what to make with what we have in the fridge. My goal is to show you that you can do it too, and it doesn’t have to be a burden, rather a way to show yourself some love. It’s not all pretty, though. I’m real and I’m honest and I intend to share it all with you. I hope you enjoy reading and trying my recipes as much as I enjoy creating them.

Thanks for hanging out.

Yours truly,